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Zhukov Oleg Ruslanovich, Postgraduate student, Saratov State University (1 Proviantskaya street, Saratov, Russia),

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Background. This article deals with systematic-structural features of the subsystem of Russian rhetoric/stylistic terminology. Terminology of Russian rhetorics and stylistics has recently become an object of interest for terminologists. Terminological science at the modern stage has developed a broad methodological potential to describe systems of terms in various fields of knowledge. However, there has been no detailed research of system-structural relations between parts of the sub-system of terms Rhetorics/Stylistics in the Russian terminological science. The aim of the works is to describe the term Metaphor of the sub-system of terms Rhetorics/Stylis¬tics in philological terminology.
Materials and methods. The author applied different methods, such as the descriptive and structural methods, the semantic field method and the method of modelling.
Results. On the basis of the analysis carried out the author developed two methods of standardized representation of the term Metaphor in the sphere of fixation: the model of definitions (formal aspect of description) and the semantic field method (semantic aspect of description).
Conclusions. The obtained results significantly specify the semantic content of the term Metaphor in Russian philology and offer a way to standardize terms of the sub-system of terms for theroretical and practical purposes.

Key words

terminological science, philology, rhetorics, stylistics.

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